"My Uploads" is only available for internal CorporateTube accounts that use Single Sign-on (SSO).

The My Uploads area lists all the videos that you, personally, have uploaded to your organization's CorporateTube. From here you can jump to editing or deleting your uploads. You can edit descriptions and keywords, as well as titles and adding or removing channels the upload is associated with.  

Note: You can also see uploads that you haven't uploaded personally, but to which you were assigned as the "Person in charge". These will be highlighted in the video list with a little icon in the top left corner of a thumbnail that shows "In charge of upload" when you hover over it. This helps to distinguish between your uploads and uploads you were assigned.

Use the arrows to navigate through the videos of "My Uploads" with your account.

To edit or delete an upload, click the triple-dot icon beneath your desired upload. Select either "Edit' or "Delete".

  • If you edit an upload, you will be brought to the editing page
  • If you select delete, a warning dialog will pop up. Click "Delete" to delete.