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After login, you will be automatically directed to the video asset management area. Otherwise, you can find it in the "Menu" options in the top right corner of the software,.:

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The User Interface

The "Asset Management" area is organized as follows:

Image Added Image Removed

Scroll Ignore


Navigation is located in the left pane of the browser window. The video channels are listed here. You can create new channels and edit or delete existing channels. You can also view the contents of the trash.

2Video list

This area displays all uploaded videos in a list (the video list is sorted in descending order by upload date).


The visibility of videos depends basically on your permissions: certain videos are not listed, because you do not have the necessary permission.

3Video toolbar

Above the video list there is a toolbar with the following options:

  • Select all: by activating this button, all videos in the video list are selected
  • Upload: videos from your local drive can be uploaded
  • Duplicate: a video highlighted in the video list can be duplicated
  • Replace: a video highlighted in the video list can be replaced (beta)
  • Delete: multiple selected videos of the video list can be moved to the trash
  • Search: search for specific videos in the list


    You can search for text within the titles and descriptions of the video, chapters, and interactive overlays, as well as other video metadata.

4Editing area with preview player
The editing area is located on the right side of the browser window. You can view and edit data of the selected video from the video list in thematically organized accordion menus. You can play the selected video in the preview player.
5Menu bar

The menu bar provides the following commands:

  • Account Selection: drop-down menu for selecting the account you want to work with


    This menu is only shown when a user has access to multiple accounts.

  • Help: link to the movingimage documentation portal and status page and email address of the customer support
  • Menu: drop-down menu for switching to the Player Generator or Administration area
  • Log out: log out of the system