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In the advanced editing area, you can create and place custom overlays for a video.

These are text or image overlays in individual sizes. These can contain further information, call-to-action texts or logos.

There are two types of overlays. They differ in that the corresponding video either continues to play during display or stops altogether when the overlay runs. In the first case, it is a so-called "layer"; in the second case, it is a "light ad".


"Interactive Overlays" are a separate feature package and may not be available with your account. Please contact your administrator for more details.

To create an interactive overlay, proceed as follows:

  1. First, select the video in the video list to which you want to add the overlay.

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  2. Click on the [Advanced Video Editing] button. You will be brought to the proper area.

  3. Select the "Overlay" entry in the navigation. You see now a preview player, possibly including a list of already created overlays in the central area.

  4. In the drop down menu, select the desired insert type:

    • light ad
    • layer

  5. In the drop down menu below, you can select custom templates (this is an additional option). Otherwise select the "Editor" entry to set up your overlay manually.

  6. Click on the [Create] button. In the editing area, you can now edit the overlay.

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