You may need to contact Professional Services to enable the upload podcast option in the CorporateTube Administation area.

The Upload podcast option will then be visible (see screenshot below).


  • To upload podcasts to CorporateTube, click the [  Upload ] button in the navigation menu.

  • Click on [ Upload podcast ]. Then, choose a podcast to upload in the upload dialog box. Alternatively, you can use the drag and drop function.

Note that only these formats are supported: aac, cat, mp2, mp3, oga, oma, and wav.

  • As the file starts to upload, you will see a progress bar and form fields for naming, selecting a channel, adding keywords and describing your podcast.  While the podcast is uploading, fill in the upload form fields (the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory):

DescriptionOptional. A description for your podcast. You can also use HTML to add links to your podcast descriptions.
KeywordsOptional. Keywords are used to sort podcasts by related topic, and also when searching.
*ChannelRequired. The channel(s) where your podcast will be located. You can select more than one channel at a time.


Required. The name of your podcast.

  • Click [Publish] when upload is complete.

Once the upload is complete, a confirmation message is shown.  A link to the newly uploaded podcast will be provided.

CorporateTube will create a separate link for each channel you assign your podcast to. 

After uploading, it may take a few minutes before your podcast shows up in CorporateTube;  a few minutes are required for generating the file formats for your podcast.