The video upload in CorporateTube is only available for internal CorporateTube accounts that use Single Sign-on (SSO).

The upload form can be customized according to your company's needs. Contact Professional Services to set this up for you.

Provided you have been granted the correct rights by your administrator, you can upload your own videos to your company's CorporateTube.

To upload videos to CorporateTube:

  1. Click the [  Upload ] button in the navigation menu. 

  2. You may be presented with a prompt to accept a privacy policy or terms & conditions, if this has been set up by your administrator.

  3. Click the [ Choose a video to upload ] button. Select the file you want to upload from the upload dialog and then click [Open].

  4. Alternately, you can use drag and drop to upload a file.

  5. As the file starts to upload, you will see a progress bar and form fields for naming, selecting a channel, adding keywords and describing your video.  While the video is uploading, fill in the upload form fields (the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory):
*TitleRequired. The name of your video.
*ChannelRequired. The channel(s) where your video will be located. You can select more than one channel at a time.
KeywordsOptional. Keywords are used to sort videos by related topic, and also when searching.
DescriptionOptional. A description for your video. You can use HTML to add links to your video descriptions, if desired.

      6. Click [Publish] when upload is complete.

The "Upload complete" page will appear as confirmation, providing a link to view the newly uploaded video. CorporateTube will create a separate link for each channel you assign your video to. 

After uploading, it may take a few minutes before your video shows up in CorporateTube. This is because the system takes a few minutes to generate the file formats for your video.