This feature is not available if you have Single sign-on enabled.

Referrer protection prevents your CorporateTube page from being hotlinked or embedded by another website.

If you want to prevent users from accessing your CorporateTube page via the direct link, you can define a list of referrer domains to protect direct access.

Referrer protection protects CorporateTubes embedded in iframes as well as CorporateTubes that are not embedded.

Referrer Domain

To permit access only to browsers referred from specific domains, toggle Referrer Protection in the admin area.

There, you can add either a fully-qualified domain, such as, or a wildcard domain such as *

In the second case, note that the wildcard * implies any subdomain of The value entered is validated and permitted.

You should not enter the protocol http:// or https://. Invalid entries will be highlighted with a red border:

If you want to add more than referrer domain to the permitted list, please use a comma separator. You can add as many referrer domains as you wish.

The referrer protection feature cannot be used if single sign-on has been enabled for your CorporateTube account. The feature will be greyed out:


To use this feature, an additional keycloak mapper is required and must be passed in a SAML attribute.

To create this mapper in the IDP configuration, please contact movingimage Professional Services.

Once an additional keycloak mapper has been created and passed in a SAML attribute, you can enable the watermark feature.

This security feature has been automatically enabled for all SSO-enabled CorporateTubes; the dynamic overlay helps prevent unauthorized sharing, ensuring your content is secure and traceable.

The watermark is displayed at the top of the player in a translucent text (highlighted in red).