Note: The product should only be used for pilot beta testing and is not designed to support production. At initial pilot launch, we will initially support a limited number of the features.

New Player onscreen elements

Consult the screenshot below for the onscreen elements available in the new player.




Play/Pause button (overlay)


Play/Pause button




Current time display | video duration




Toggle audio stream in a different language or subtitles


Quality, speed settings


Full screen mode

*By clicking on the text box symbol, you will see both options for the audio language and subtitles:

Please note that currently only language codes can be displayed, while custom labels cannot be shown due to existing limitations.

We are actively working on resolving this issue, and custom labels are scheduled to be included in the next player release.

Keyboard shortcuts

To ensure player accessibility, each of the following keyboard shortcuts is accompanied by a specific interaction feedback.

Here, the feedback takes the form of an icon:

Keyboard shortcuts

Up arrow

Volume up by 10%

Down arrow

Volume down by 10%

Left arrow

Rewind by 5 seconds

Right arrow

Forward by 5 seconds


Rewind by 10 seconds


Forward by 10 seconds





Enter/exit full-screen mode

Space bar

Pause video

Space barPlay video

Viewport Breakpoints

As well, the player is responsive to screen sizes and control buttons will be shown or hidden based on the viewports.

Viewport Breakpoints

Larger than 640 x 480px

Show all controls

Larger than 480 x 270px

Hide Skip buttons

Larger than 200 x 200px

Hide volume and subtitles (if not available)

Equal to 200 x 200px (min screen size)

Hide settings and subtitles

Share URLs

Once a video has been released, you can share the video with the new player.

Navigate to the Publish tab in your VideoManager Pro account to see the Share-URL and iFrame embed code.

Steps - Create and use a new player

  • In your VideoManager Pro account, navigate to the Player Generator (visible only with administrator access). This is found on the top right corner under Menu.
  • In the player generator, click on the ⊕ symbol next to All Players to create a new player.
  • Select a player skin template and give the player a name. Then, select the option "Use New Player":

  • Click on the different elements found within the player.


If you would like to provide more detailed feedback or to schedule a call with the product team, please send us a message at