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In the following matrix, the visibility is represented by channels, subchannels and the respective video list in connenction with the existing rights.

Upload Videos

In this matrix, you can see which rights are necessary in order to be able to upload videos to a channel or subchannel.

  • To be able to upload videos also the right "View videos" is necessary - in addition to the right "Upload videos".
  • To be able to upload videos to a specific channel the right "View channel" in addition to the right "View channel-content" is required

Duplicate Videos into a Channel

To be able to duplicate a video into a channel, users need more than only the "Duplicate video" right. This is due to the fact that in the framework of the "Ownership" feature, videos and channels are assigned to a group and therefore may have different associated rights for access. In the following, all necessary rights are listed.

Rights on the video that needs to be duplicated:

  • View videos
  • Duplicate videos

Rights on the channel in which the duplicated video should be placed:

  • View channels
  • Add videos to/ remove videos from channel
  • Upload videos.

A channel selection is available when a video is duplicated in VideoManager. Thereby, the selection of channels is defined according to the permissions.