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movingimage enables your videos to be easily deployed on social media platforms, such as YouTube.

This section will show you how to link your movingimage account to your YouTube account to provide videos for your channel or page.

The function "YouTube publication" is a separate feature package and must be purchased separately. It might not be available with your account.

Social Media Profile

You must use the social media profile in movingimage to create a valid link to your YouTube channel. This is required for uploading videos to YouTube.

By default, a social media profile can be connected with only one YouTube channel.

Please keep in mind that created social media profiles cannot be deleted at the moment, but only disabled.

YouTube Channel

In a YouTube channel, which you can customize individually, you have the possibility to add videos to your play lists that are provided for the public. Moreover, depending on the objective of your video strategy, social media-typical functions such as comment or subscribers can be added.

If you have a valid YouTube account, you can upload videos directly from your movingimage account. Depending on your needs, you can create more channels on YouTube.

Information about YouTube channels can be found here: YouTube help.