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To create global settings for your account, navigate to the account summary.

You will see the following options:

Global SettingsDescription
Default language

Set the default language for your account by selecting the desired language from drop down menu.

If SSO is enabled and where available, the preferred language provided by your organization's active directory will be the user's language.

Thumbnail timepointYou can specify the time within a video clip at which a thumbnail is automatically captured. This applies to all uploaded videos.
Global security policy From the dropdown menu, select one of the applied security setting or "No security policy". For more information about video security see chapter "Security Policy".
Global access profileFrom the dropdown menu, select an access profile. The global access profile applies to all videos in an account. In accordance to the standard access profile, users can access videos that do not belong to their group if so defined. Further details are in chapter "Access Profiles".
Display options video list

You can configure the video list according to your needs. Select one of the following display options in the drop down menu. The selected item is displayed in the video list below the video title:

  • No information
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Video ID
Global ad configuration

From the dropdown menu, select the desired video-ad configuration. The global ad configuration applies to all videos in an account according to the settings. Further details are in chapter "Video Ads".

"Video Ads" is a separate feature package. It might not be available with your account.