Download Administrator's Guide

The "Administration" area provides, among other things, customizable user and rights management. Here you can create user accounts with access permissions and user rights. This guarantees that each user works only with the rights associated with them. Unauthorized access to data or their changes can be prevented from here. Furthermore, you can set a global security policy for all uploaded videos. The "Account" overview gives you the current status of your account.

From the selection menu, you can go here.

To be able to access the "Administration" area, you need the appropriate right.

The following editing or information options are available in the Administration area:

  • account overview
  • user management
  • roles management
  • security policies  
  • video metadata
  • channel metadata
  • distributing videos to social media platforms
  • ownership
  • attachments to a video
  • notifications
  • geoblocking
  • FTP import
  • video ads
  • AI services

These editing options are described in detail in the following sections of this manual.