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You can leverage Single Sign-On (SSO) autoprovisioning to manage access to your VideoManager Pro account effortlessly.

By integrating your organization's Active Directory, this feature enables you to assign roles and permissions to users and groups effectively.

Through this integration, any changes made to user attributes in the Active Directory will automatically update the corresponding permissions in our products.

This seamless synchronization ensures that permissions remain up to date, streamlining access management and enhancing security.

SSO autoprovisioning offers a streamlined approach to access control, bolstering security measures and simplifying user permission management.

Example Use Case

SSO auto-provisioning streamlines access management for companies with a large employee base. By automating the process of granting new employees access to systems and applications, this feature helps companies to  save time and money while ensuring immediate productivity.

Integrating SSO with the company's user management system enables a seamless onboarding experience. With automated access provisioning, new employees can start working without delays, since they are granted the necessary access to the required systems and applications.

This automated approach improves efficiency, reduces the risk of errors, and ensures that employees have the appropriate access based on their roles and responsibilities. Ultimately, SSO auto-provisioning simplifies access management, accelerates onboarding, and delivers cost savings for companies with a large workforce.