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The globally enabled security settings will always be overridden by a video-specific security setting.

After you have created a new security policy, you can edit parameters.

  1. Select the appropriate entry in the list of security policies. In the editing area, the following editing options are available:

    • Name: If necessary, edit the name of the security setting.
    • Description: Optionally, enter a meaningful short description for the security setting.

  2. If necessary, select the token protection for this security setting through the corresponding activation button.

    Please keep in mind that an HMAC implementation is necessary for the playout of token-protected videos. For more information see Developer's Guide, chapter "Token Protection: HMAC-SHA Signature".

  3. Choose the referrer protection through the corresponding activation button. Then, enter the valid referrer in the text box provided for this purpose. For example, to include referrers at subdomain level, you have the ability to specify also valid referrer with wild card. Sample: *

    If you first want to test a referrer locally, enter "localhost" without further additions (such as "http").