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A user receives via the roles assigned to him the permission to use the system and the data in accordance with his responsibility. Function rights (program functions) and access rights (visibility of videos and channels) are differentiated.


A group represents an organizational entity and can be a department, a subsidiary company or similar.

Every video and every channel in your account  has a group as owner. Newly uploaded videos belong to the group "Company" by default if it is not directly uploaded in a channel that maps to a specific group. This can be modified at any time if other groups were created (see chapter "Assigning a Video to a Group"). A video can only be assigned to exactly one group.

Typically, only members of the owners group have access to the corresponding channels and videos. This may be revised however through access profiles (see below).


A user role defines tasks, characteristics and above all the user's rights. The role specifies what actions a user can perform on videos and channels belonging to his group. Because the role is group-specific, it is possible to assign different rights to a user in different groups.


A user is a member of the group "Sales" and "Marketing" at the same time. In the "Sales"-group this user has the role "read-only" and therefore can only watch videos that belong to his group, but he is not allowed to edit or publish videos. In the "Marketing"-group, the user is allocated to the "editor"-role. In this role he has the permission to edit and publish videos of his group.

Role rights

You can assign a role to following rights:

  • administration area: with this right, you can perform administrative tasks, these include among other things the creation of new users, group management, adding new metadata or the creation of new social media profiles.
  • edit security policies
  • channel: create, view, edit, delete, view sub-channels
  • videos: watch, edit, replace, upload, delete, publish, add to a channel, remove from a channel
  • social media: publication on YouTube

Global access profile

The global access profile applies to all videos in your account. It is set globally in the account overview. Users can access non-group videos in accordance with the global access profile.

Access profile

Access rights that are possible on a single video can be given by an access profile. This way, users not directly belonging to the group associated with the video, can still work with the video (e.g., edit and manage data).


A user has the role that allows him to watch videos and channels of the group "Company". In addition, he was assigned to any other role or group. The user would like to edit a video that was associated with the "Sales"-group. Although this video was assigned an access profile with editing rights, the user cannot edit it, since his role was granted no editing right.

If no access profile for a video is selected, only users in the same group as the video have access to it. If a video is uploaded directly in a channel, it inherits the default access profile of the channel. This profile can be modified later in the accordion menu Security.

Access right

Access rights are for example, administrative rights, channel-specific rights or video-specific rights.