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Here you can create and edit additional metadata fields that are not standard metadata (such as title, keyword etc.). This allows you to predefine a list of company-specific options for a video. This metadata can be used, for example, to search for video files.

All data fields here will appear in Video Asset Management under the accordion menu Metadata, where video editors can assign appropriate values to each video.

To create a custom video metadata field, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the "Video Metadata" entry in the navigation pane.

  2. Click the [Create] button at the top of the video metadata list.

  3. Enter the name of the custom metadata field.

  4. In the drop-down menu, select what type of data you want your custom metadata field to be displayed as. The following data types are possible:

    • Text
    • Number
    • Boolean
    • Select
    • Date
    • Multi Select

  5. Click the [Create] button to create the new metadata field.

  6. Click the new field to view the "Custom Metadata Configuration" edit pane, which will display to the right.

  7. If the metadata field should not be editable in the VideoManager (for example, because this is allowed only through the API), you can disable this option in the edit pane.

  8. If the custom metadata type is set to [Select] or [Multi Select], you can configure the [SELECT OPTIONS] in the edit pane.

To add options to a select or multi select field:

  1. Type the text for your select option into the text field. Each option must be unique (case insensitive).

  2. Hit enter or click the [✓ save] button.

  3. Add more options by clicking [Add select option] .

  4. To delete an option, click the [x] button to the right of the text field.

    These select fields will now be available in the video asset's metadata accordion menu. Each type will be represented as follows:

    • Select - a drop-down menu with the configured options (sorted alphabetically)
    • Multi Select - a text field that provides a searchable list of options that can be chosen from

If the use of a custom metadata field has changed so that the original field name no longer fits, you are able to rename this field without losing currently saved values. Simply enter the desired name in the edit pane of the custom metadata field.