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Assigning videos to a group of owners is only available with the "Ownership" feature. Your VideoManager might not offer this feature.

With the "Ownership" feature, you can assign each video in the account to an owners group. Only members of the owners group will have access to these videos. Detailed information on the concept of ownership can be found in chapter "Ownership - The User and Rights Management".

You must have the right "Edit ownership properties" in order to define the owner group for a video.

To associate a video with a group of owners:

  1. Select the desired video in the video list by clicking on the appropriate entry.

  2. Open the Security accordion menu.

  3. In the "Group" drop-down menu, select the desired group.

    Assigning a video to a group usually means that permissions on the video will change, depending on the configuration of the respective groups. Be aware that you may lose access to the video as a result of this change.

  4. Confirm your changes by clicking [Apply changes].