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You must have "Edit video" rights to edit CorporateTube related data.

To change how videos are sorted in CorporateTube and who is responsible for them, you can change the display date and the person in charge of the video.

To begin, open the CorporateTube accordion menu. You will see three fields: the Uploaded by, the Person in Charge and the Display Date

Menu itemDescription
UploadedThe user who has uploaded this video file via CorporateTube (this entry cannot be edited).
Please note that, if the video wasn't uploaded via CorporateTube, this value will show "Uploaded by VideoManager user or via API".
Person in ChargeYou can optionally change the person in charge of this video (the value defaults to the uploader). This information will be displayed underneath the video in CorporateTube. Once you change this field, the person you choose will see the video in their "My videos" section in CorporateTube.
Display DateYou can optionally change the display date (the value defaults to the upload date). As with the Person in Charge, this information will be displayed underneath the video in CorporateTube and once you change this field, the video list in CorporateTube will be sorted by this date.

Please note that the fields „Uploaded“ and „Person in Charge“ can only be filled with user data if your CorporateTube uses the following settings:

  • SSO authentication
  • Upload functionality

If one of these criteria is not fulfilled, the fields won’t show relevant data for you.

Please note that changes may take up to one hour to be reflected in CorporateTube.