Download Manual

Once the upload process begins, you can edit your file's metadata. Editing options can be found in the right pane of the VideoManager.

  1. Select the desired video in the video list, by clicking the appropriate entry.

    1. You can search for the desired video with the help of the search function. Click the [ search] icon to enter a search term in the text box provided in the video toolbar. The search results will be shown in the video list.

      The search function of VideoManager allows you to search for specific videos. The search will include standard metadata and video IDs, and also the titles and descriptions of videos, existing chapters, and overlays.

  2. The right pane of the window will reveal the video preview, as well as the metadata for the selected video.

  3. The respective accordion menus provide editing options depending on your user rights. These options are described in detail in the following chapters.