Download Manual

A download link can only be sent if you have previously released the download (see section "Releasing a Video for Download").

To send a download link, perform the following steps:

  1. First, highlight the entry with the video in the video list, the download link you want to send.

  2. Open the accordion menu Video Formats in the editing area. Here, all available formats of the video and its resolution are listed.

  3. Now go to the video format in the list which you want to make available as a download.

  4. Click on the -icon with the right mouse button. The context menu opens.

  5. Click on the entry "Copy link location". Now you can paste the copied link address in an e-mail message of your e-mail program and then send it.

Please keep in mind that for token protection the retrievability of the sent link can expire and no download can be carried out.