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Within the program, the video list represents the central library of all uploaded videos. From here, you can call up video data for editing, add videos to channels, and search for videos. Each video entry in the list also provides a context menu with additional options, such as "delete" or "duplicate".

By default, the video list is sorted by descending upload date.

There are two views for the video list: full list view and minimal list view. You can switch between full and minimal list view by clicking the  or  buttons at the top of the video list.

Full list view shows all information about each video, including thumbnails, number of plays, upload date and number of subtitles and/or file attachments. 

The status icons along the bottom of each video indicate the following: 


This video was uploaded on <date>

This video was updated on <date>

Number of times the web page that the video is embedded on is viewed

Number of times the video begins playing

An automatic deletion date is defined for this video

This video is released

This video has not been released yet

This video has file attachments

This video has subtitles

Minimal list view displays the entire list of videos in an account at once. The only information included is video title, release status, and whether the video has file attachments and/or subtitles.