In order to simplify the management of viewer registration within the Webcast, it is possible to connect a corporate user directory to the Webcast. Then, when a viewer wishes to access an SSO-protected Webcast, their credentials are checked by the Webcast and access is granted only if they are authenticated by the corporate network.

SSO Configuration

SSO configuration must be completed outside of the Webcast application, through communication between the corporate network administrator and movingimage Professional Services. Please contact us for further details.

Marking a Customer as SSO-enabled

Within the Customer update form, enable the checkbox Allow SSO to Webcast Manager and Operator or Allow SSO to Webcast Consumer in the Single Sign-on panel.

Then enter the name of the identity provider, which will be specified by the movingimage Professional Services team. 

Finally, you can map roles to groups that have been defined in your identity provider. See the Roles chapter for more information.