After successfully signing in, the Webcast Manager will open. 

UI language

While Webcast Manager is available in both English and German, the language of the Webcast Manager is determined by the preferred language that is set in your browser.

You can change the language of your browser in the advanced settings. For the new browser language to take effect, clear your cache and restart your browser.

To check the language of your browser, open your browser's Inspect/Developer Tools and navigate to the Console. Enter


The language of your browser will then be displayed.

The main areas of the WebcastManager with their respective functions are listed in the following table.


The navigation area is located in the left pane of the browser window. Selecting individual navigation entries will bring you to the different editing areas for your webcasts, VideoManagers, streaming servers, etc.

Login details for the current user are displayed at the top of the navigation.

If you are a Partner, you can create multiple customers. In this case a drop-down menu is available at the top of the navigation area, through which a specific customer's data can be called and edited.

ListAccording to which entry you have selected in the navigation, a list of already existing webcasts, themes, VideoManagers, Streaming Servers, Video Conferences, customers, or users will be shown in the main area.
Editing areaBy clicking the [Create] button or on an already existing entry in the list, the editing area opens. There, you can enter or modify data.
Menu bar

The menu bar provides the following commands:

  • Account Selection: drop-down menu for selecting the Webcast account you want to work with

    This is only displayed if you are a Partner account with multiple customers.

  • Help: link to the movingimage documentation portal
  • Menu: drop-down menu for switching to WebcastOperator, VideoManager Pro or Analytics
  • Log out: log off the system