"Video Conference" is a separate feature package and may not be available in your Webcast.

With video conference Connectors, you can use Webcast to redistribute all the participants in a video conference to an audience of "view-only" attendees. 

You can use a variety of video conference platforms, including Skype for Business and Google Hangouts.

To use a connector, ensure that

  • you set a date, time and duration for your webcast. This will prevent connectors from being used at the same time.
  • A Webcast Customer account is configured for 1 to 4 Connectors. Each video conference Webcast will be linked to one of the available Connectors.

To use a video conference Connector, first ensure that the Webcast is linked to a video conference connector. Click the blue [ + Create ] button.

Enter a name for your Connector and click the blue [ + Create ] button again. 

The Connector will appear in the list. The address displayed is what your guests will use to dial into the Connector.


Note that up to 10 participants can attend a video conference at the same time.

Click the triple dot icon on the right-hand side to bring up a list of options for a Connector.

  • Copy Address - copy the alias to your clipboard
  • Update - change the name of your Connector
  • Delete - permanently delete the Connector from your Webcast account