In order to import a recording of a live webcast stream into a VideoManager, you must define your VideoManager here and provide the necessary access data. Doing this allows you to enable automatic importing of the recording of any of your webcasts into the defined VideoManager. In addition, this VideoManager can be used to assign a video that will play during the pre-live, post-live, and on demand states of your webcast. Videos are then played out directly from the defined VideoManager in the webcast.

To create a new VideoManager in the WebcastManager, proceed as follows:

  1. In the navigation panel, click "VideoManager". In the editing area, you will see a list of all previously created VideoManagers.

  2. Click the blue [Create] button.

  3. The create form will open. Enter the following information for your VideoManager:

    Fields marked with "*" are required.

    *Name:This name will appear in the Webcast Configuration area when you have the option of selecting a video from a VideoManager.
    *VideoManager ID:This is the ID number of the VideoManager you wish to connect. If you do not know it, contact Customer Relations.
    *VideoManager Host:The URL to the VideoManager API. The standard URL is
    *Platform Auth URL:The URL to the Platform Authentication service. The standard URL is
    *VideoManager User:A username (email address) that has rights to connect to the VideoManager ID.
    *VideoManager Password:Password for the user above.
    *Playout Host:The URL to the Video Playout service. The standard URL is

    Note that the VideoManager Host, Platform Auth URL and Playout Host values are different if you are using a custom VideoManager instance. Please contact Professional Services if you require further assistance.

  4. Click the [Validate] button to check the validity of your entries. The following message will appear if successful:

  5. After validating successfully, you may optionally set defaults for any of the pre-live video, post-live video or upload channel. These defaults are used when creating new Webcasts; they can be overridden on a per-Webcast basis.

    Default Pre-live Video, Default Post-live Video:
    Channel:Select from the list of available Channels in the connected VideoManager.
    Video:Select from the list of available Videos in the Channel selected above. The (warning) icon indicates an unpublished video; these cannot be selected as a default video.
    Default Upload Channel:
    Channel:Select from the list of available Channels in the connected VideoManager. The Webcast system will upload a recording of the live presentation to this Channel.

  6. Click the [Save] button to save your entries. The newly created VideoManager will appear immediately in the list of all VideoManagers. You can edit it again later by clicking it.