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In addition to the basic data of a user, you can also assign different roles.

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  1. Highlight the entry you want to edit in the list of all created users. In the right pane, the following editing options are available:

    • Language: In the drop-down menu, select the language for the user. The interface will be displayed in the language you choose for the user.
    • Email: The email that you specified when creating the user. Once set, this cannot be edited.
    • First name: Enter the first name of the user (optional).
    • Last name: Enter the last name of the user (optional).
    • Phone: Enter the user's phone number (optional).
    •  Company: Enter a company name (optional).
    • Groups and Roles: A list of all groups this user belongs to, as well as their role within each group.  These are assigned in the Roles Management area.

  2. You can now allocate roles to the user (see chapter "Assigning a Role to a User").