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To show the consent dialog to viewers, you can toggle the consent dialog from the player generator. This dialog will ask the viewer if they consent to the use of analytics technology within the video player.

Analytics tracking is disabled if the viewer disagrees. If the viewer agrees, analytics tracking will be carried out.

If the tracking consent dialog remains disabled in the player generator, the consent dialog is not shown and the viewer's activity is not tracked for analytics.

To toggle the consent dialog from the player generator, proceed as follows:

  1. Log into your VideoManager Pro account and navigate to Player Generator > Additional Settings in the top right corner.

  2. Scroll down to Tracking Consent Dialog. Here, you can toggle the display of the consent dialog box in the player.

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    Tracking consent dialog is disabled by default. When it is disabled, an information message is shown.

    If the tracking consent dialog is disabled, you can enable minimal analytics.

  3. After enabling the tracking consent dialog, select the language of the consent text.


    Currently, English and German are supported. If no language is specified, the player chooses the language used by the browser. If the browser language is not English or German, English is used.

  4. After you enable the tracking consent dialog and select a language option, the consent dialog will be shown on top of the player.

Alternatively, the viewer's tracking consent can be set through the player API, described in these steps.