Use the language button in the upper right corner to switch the CorporateTube language.

The interface is currently offered in English, German, French and Italian.

Multi-language support for video metadata

Video metadata in multiple languages are supported in CorporateTube. Specifically, this refers to titles, descriptions, and keywords.

If you switch CorporateTube from one language to another, both the interface and video content is switched to the new language.

In addition, you will be able to view, upload, and look for content for any supported language.

First, you will need to enable metadata for the selected language in VideoManager Pro to enable metadata multilingual support.

Then, enter the metadata and channel names in the desired language.

Note that you must provide the metadata localization and the channel localization separately.


Channel and sub-channel names are displayed in the language selected.

If the channel or sub-channel name has not been translated, they will be shown in the default language.


Video metadata refers to a the title, description and keyword of the video.

When a specific language is selected, the translation of the title, description, and keyword will be shown in the selected language.

If the metadata for a selected language is not available, the default metadata will be shown.