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Channels can be assigned metadata, which includes standard and custom metadata. If your account is set up to provide metadata in multiple languages, you will see a drop-down menu in the top right corner for selecting a metadata localization set to edit. For more information about metadata localization sets, see the Metadata Localization chapter of the movingimage Administration Manual.

To edit the metadata for a channel, follow these steps:

  1. Click the []  symbol of the channel.

  2. Click the [ ] button.

  3. The channel edit area will open, pushing the video list to the right.

  4. Now you can update the channel's metadata using the fields provided. See the tables below for details.

  5. To close the edit area, click the [] button again or anywhere outside of the edit area.

The Channel edit area shows both standard and custom channel metadata:

Standard Metadata:
Name:Enter the desired channel title (255 character limit).
Description:Enter a short description of this channel (5000 character limit).
Custom Channel Metadata:
Your administrator may have applied custom channel metadata fields that can be edited as well. These fields come in a variety of types, editable in the following ways:
Data TypeUseExample
TextType freely in the text field provided.

BooleanClick the toggle switch to indicate true or false.

Multi SelectClick the text field and a list of valid options will appear. Start typing to search the list. Click or use the up, down, and enter keys on your keyboard to select an option. Add as many items as desired.

For information about how to configure these custom channel metadata fields see the Channel Metadata chapter of the movingimage Administration Manual.