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After you have created a social media profile, you can now link it to the desired YouTube channel to deploy videos.

Before you link a YouTube channel, you must first create a channel on YouTube with a valid account.

Follow these steps to establish a connection to your YouTube channel:

  1. In the list of applied social media profiles, select the profile that you want to link.

  2. In the right pane of your browser window, click on the [Link with YouTube channel] button. A new dialog box with further instructions opens.

  3. Click on the [Accept and Link] button. In the next steps, dialogs from Google open for the registration and selection of YouTube channels.

  4. Log in with your Google account.

  5. In the next step, select the desired channel.

    Each social media profile in your movingimage account can only be linked to one YouTube channel.

  6. In the next dialog you are asked to allow access permissions on your data. Click on the [Allow] button. The social media profile is now associated with the selected YouTube channel.

Once the social media profile has been associated with a YouTube channel, it is available for the supply of videos in the asset management area.