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To create a new user, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the [Create] button in the top left of the Users view. 

  2. Enter the email address of the user.


  3. If user roles are already defined, you can select the desired from the drop-down menu. But you have also the opportunity to define roles and assign them to the user in the follow-up (see chapter "Roles").

  4. Select the user's language from the corresponding drop-down menu. The confirmation email to the new user will be sent in the language of your choice.

    If SSO is enabled and where available, the preferred language provided by your organization's active directory will be the user's language.

  5. Activate the check box "Send confirmation to user" to send an activation link to the new user upon creation.

  6. Click on the button [Create user] to create the user. The entry will appear immediately in the list of users. 

After you have successfully created the user, you can make additional settings (see chapter "Editing a User").