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"AI Metadata" is part of the "AI Services" feature package, which is purchased separately. It may not be available with your account.

The Metadata accordion menu provides information on a selected video, including standard and custom metadata. However, adding metadata to a video can be time-consuming. You can simplify this process by having the VideoManager Pro AI service generate your metadata for you.

The AI service will not overwrite or remove existing metadata from a video. Instead, metadata generated with the AI service will be added to the video along with any existing metadata.

To generate metadata for videos that are already uploaded, perform the following steps:

  1. In the video list, select the video you'd like to generate metadata for. The right video pane will open.

  2. Open the "Metadata" accordion menu. From here, you will follow one of the two options listed below.

  3. After you follow one of the two options, the AI service will generate the metadata you selected. Once finished, the automatically generated metadata will appear in the Metadata accordion menu. If you chose to generate subtitles, they will be shown in the subtitle management area.

Option 1: Use the Generate Metadata Button

If you have previously set the source language for this video, you'll see the [Generate Metadata] button beneath the standard metadata fields. Click it and choose from the dropdown the kind of metadata you would like to generate. You can generate metadata as many times as you'd like.

Option 2: Set the Video Language

  • If you have not previously set the source language for this video, you will not see the [Generate Metadata] button. Instead, you'll see the "Video Language" field with a drop-down menu.
  • Select a language to bring up the "Select Video Language" dialog. From here, enable the toggle for the type of metadata you want to generate.

To view the toggles, you need "Edit videos" and/or "Edit subtitles" rights.

Metadata TypeDescription
KeywordsTell the AI service to detect what your video should be organized as and tag it accordingly, using speech recognition and OCR
LabelsTell the AI service to detect and name objects and actions that are in your video
TopicsTell the AI service to detect and generate a list of what your video is about
SubtitlesEnable this toggle to generate subtitles in your selected language for your video