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This chapter teaches you how to generate metadata for newly uploaded videos. If you want to learn how to generate metadata for videos you've already uploaded to your VideoManager Pro account, see the AI Metadata chapter.

Indexing is a process where the contents of a video
are logged, very much like creating an index for a book. With the AI Services feature, you can use the VideoManager Pro's AI system to use the information gained from indexing your videos to automate the process of creating metadata for your videos. The system lets you generate keywords, labels, topics, and/or subtitles for a video at the same time as uploading it. When the video finishes uploading, the metadata you selected will show up in the "Metadata" accordion menu

Before generating any metadata, you first need to set the source language for your video. This tells the AI system what language your video is in, and allows it to generate your metadata accordingly.

To use the AI indexing feature:

  1. Navigate to the video list in VideoManager Pro. Click the gear icon to open the "Video Upload Settings" menu.

     2. After selecting a video language, click the toggle next to the type of metadata you'd like to generate. You can choose from keywords, labels, topics or subtitles. You have the option to generate any combination of these metadata, or just one kind. 

Metadata TypeDescription
KeywordsTell the AI service to detect what your video should be organized as and tag it accordingly, using speech recognition and OCR
LabelsTell the AI service to detect and name objects and actions that are in your video
TopicsTell the AI service to detect and generate a list of what your video is about
SubtitlesEnable this toggle to generate subtitles in your selected language for your video

To view the toggles, you need "Edit videos" and/or "Edit subtitles" rights.

You can monitor the generation process by watching the spinner beneath the video as the AI service works.

     3. Click the upload button and follow the normal process for uploading a video. The service will generate the metadata you selected.

     4. When the video finishes uploading, the generated metadata will be available in the Metadata accordion menu. A green icon will appear beneath the video indicating the source language.

         If you chose to generate subtitles, they will be shown in the subtitle management area.

Administrators can track how many minutes of video have been analyzed by the AI service in the VideoManager Pro administration area.