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Channels are very helpful structuring tools, for example, to organize the video list hierarchically. This can make administration of video data easier and accelerate the workflow of video editors.

In the navigation pane of the video asset management area, all established channels and sub-channels are displayed. You can assign videos to these channels.

A video can be assigned to several different channels at the same time.

  1. In the video list, select one or more videos that you want to assign to a channel. The selected entries in the list will be highlighted in blue.

  2. Drag the highlighted entries to the desired channel with left mouse button held.

  3. When you release the mouse button, the videos are associated with the channel.

    If the destination channel is a sub-channel, drag the video(s) to the parent channel without releasing the mouse button. This opens the channel tree so you can drag the videos into the desired sub-channel.

For information about how to remove a video from the channel, see the "Deleting a Video from a Channel" chapter.