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You can add videos to channels to keep them organized and group them in various ways. Channels, as well as their sub-channels, are arranged in the navigation pane in a tree structure. Which channels you can access is dependent on your user rights.

If you want to add a video to a channel, you can easily drag and drop the video into the channel. The assignment of a video to a channel establishes a link between the video and the assigned channel. After being assigned to a channel, the video's Metadata accordion menu will show the video's location.

As with videos, you have the ability to add file attachments to channels, if attachment types have been set up by an administrator. See the Attachments section for more information. 

If the "Ownership" feature package has been purchased for your account, you can assign channels to an owner group. This way, you can control who can see and access each channel (see the "Channel Access Rights" chapter).