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Assigning an access profile to a video is only available within the "Ownership" feature. Your account may not have this feature.

Access profiles define what video rights are allowed for users who do not belong to the ownership group of a video. In order to exercise one of those rights, the user must have it in the default/master group. This way, users not directly belonging to the group associated with the video, are potentially still allowed to work with the video (e.g. to edit and manage data). Detailed information on the concept of ownership can be found in chapter "Ownership - The User and Rights Management".

When you upload a new video to your account, the global access profile is automatically associated with this video. This can be changed at any time as described below.

You must have the right "Edit ownership properties" to be able to assign an access profile to a video.

To assign a specific access profile to a video, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the desired video in the video list by clicking on the appropriate entry.

  2. Open the Security accordion menu.

  3. Select the desired profile in the "Access Profile" drop-down menu.

Please be aware that the video-specific setting will take precedence over the default setting, which is set globally (see the "Global Access Profile" chapter for more information).