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In the VideoManager Pro's Player Generator, you can enable minimal analytics for a specific player.

This means you can track the number of plays for a video, but all personally identifiable information will be pseudonymized.

Data anonymization

If you enable minimal tracking, the following information will be collected:



Remains unmodified

Content ID

Remains unmodified

VideoManager ID

Remains unmodified

Account ID

Remains unmodified

Channel ID

Remains unmodified

Channel name

Remains unmodified


Always remains the same pseudonymized value: 9857684659911865564



User ID


Device ID


How it works

Minimal analytics will only be visible if the Track user consent for analytics tracking consent dialogue is disabled.

The feature first checks for user consent. If user consent is given via API or consent dialog, minimal tracking will be disabled.

If user consent is given, full tracking will be enabled.

To enable minimal analytics, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Player Generator
  • Select the player where you would like to apply your changes
  • Select Additional Settings and navigate to Tracking consent dialog/minimal analytics
  • Ensure that Tracking consent dialog is disabled
  • Enable Minimal analytics
  • Click Apply (in the middle section) to save your changes

Now, only the information described in the table above will be collected.

If the tracking consent dialogue is enabled and user consent is given via the dialog or API, full tracking will be enabled.

If both tracking consent dialogue and minimal analytics are disabled, tracking can be activated using the Player Javascript API.