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The "Related videos" function allows you to make relevant video suggestions to your audience and draw attention to different videos with similar content to encourage the user to continue watching. This effectively increases the play and view rate of your video stock.

The videos are linked at the channel level, i.e. you can choose a specific channel that contains related videos. All published videos in this channel are then proposed to your viewers once the original video has finished playing.

The related videos feature can only function if the video is not token protected. This is because the token is included in the Player embed code but is only valid for the originally embedded video. See the "Security Policy Configuration" chapter of the Administration Manual for more information about token protection.

Perform the following steps to associate a video with related videos:

  1. Select a video from the video list by clicking the corresponding entry.

  2. Click the [Advanced Video Editing] button in the editing area. You will be brought to the appropriate area.

  3. Select the "Related videos" entry in the navigation pane.

  4. In the edit pane you will see the channel tree. If a channel is currently selected, it will be highlighted in blue. Select the desired channel by clicking on the appropriate entry. The videos from the selected channel are now associated with your video and will be suggested as relevant videos to the viewer at the end of playback.

  5. To deselect the channel, disable the "Currently Selected Channel" toggle button at the top of the list.