In the following diagram, the main features of the Webcast Consumer page are explained. Please be aware that not all Webcasts use the same features or layout, so some options may not be available.

Area/ FunctionDescription

The live stream or the recording of the event is shown in the player. The player has the following controls:

  • play/pause button
  • progress bar
  • volume control
  • player settings (video quality, speed and subtitles (if available)

Mobile: Automatic playback of the livestream is now enabled. Muted by default, the playback can be unmuted.

Desktop: If no security measures are enabled, automatic playback of the livestream is enabled and is muted by default.

In cases when PIN code or registration is enabled, automatic playback of the livestream is enabled with sound.


If chapters are set for the webcast, the user can skip to the desired chapter via the chapter selection below the player.

Chapters are available only in the on-demand mode.

2Slide displayThe current slide of the presentation is displayed here. By switching the view (see point 5) the position can be different.

The infobox usually contains information about the speaker. Depending on settings chosen by the webcast administrator, the following options may also be available:

  • download of a presentation by means of the [download] button
  • open a secondary web page (E.g. the corporate website of the speaker) via the [link] button

The infobox can be configured in the "Presentations" chapter of the WebcastManager manual.

Presentation downloads and web page links are visible only during the live presentation.

4Language selectionIf the webcast is available in multiple languages, a language selection drop-down menu will appear.
5Presentation slides

All presentation slides are displayed in the preview area. When you move the mouse cursor over a slide, the display expands.

6Slide content search

Enter text into the search field to find presentation slides that match the keyword. Click on a matching slide to jump directly to the related point in the video.

Search is available only in the on-demand mode.


Users can change the view as needed. The following options are available:

  • dual
  • picture-in-picture

For audio-only, as well as on mobile devices the selection of the view is not available.

With the [Switch view] button the position of player and slides can be also be changed.

The chapter selection in the player is hidden if the width of the browser window is very small.

8Message refreshIn certain corporate network environments, automatic display of incoming messages is not possible. In this case, the refresh button will update the display with the latest messages. See Limitations of some Corporate Networks for further details.
9Hide message panelThe message panel can be hidden using this button. Click the button again to show the message panel.
10Message panel

If the Q&A or chat module has been activated, users can pose questions to the speakers after a registration. In the Q&A function mode, users see only their own questions. In the chat function mode, all questions are visible to the user.

11Registration panel

Before a user can pose a question, they must enter a unique user name and e-mail address. If pre-registration or single sign-on for the webcast was required, the entered data is used automatically. If anonymous Q&A is enabled, users can ask questions without entering a username, e-mail address or organization.

Once registered, this area is replaced by a simple text entry field.

Additional features

Area/ FunctionDescription
NAPoll/survey pop-upIf polling or surveys are enabled, a poll/survey pop-up will appear. Viewers are taken directly to the poll/survey if they click on the "Take Poll" button.

Unmute pop-upYou can unmute the automatic playback of the livestream.