During a webcast, the system administrator leads through the event, releasing presentation slides at the correct time or supervising the chat.

As a system administrator, you can see the list of all created webcasts.

To begin, select the desired webcast in the list. The detail view of the selected webcast will then open.

The detail view consists of the following areas and functional components:

Area/ Functional ComponentDescription
Webcast name and IDAt the very top, just to the right of "WebcastOperator", the webcast name and ID are displayed.
Status selection

Depending on the state of the current webcast, you can switch to the next possible status by means of the provided button. For example, the system administrator can switch from post-live to pre-live to test a planned webcast.

You can switch to the on-demand status in the WebcastManager. Once the webcast has switched to on demand, you cannot change the status anymore.

Note: Any event that is in live state for more than one hour after its scheduled end time is automatically switched to post-live state. Start time and duration of an event are configured here.

Note: Videos in Post-Live state that use the DVR recording are only available for a limited time. It is recommended to switch the state of the even to "On Demand" to make the video available without any limitation. Configuration of an event to "On Demand" can be found here.

ViewersNumber of the currently connected webcast viewers (updated every 15 seconds).
Preview buttonClick the yellow preview button to open the consumer view in a new tab.
SlidesAll presentation slides uploaded to the WebcastManager are represented in the left window pane. Highlight the desired slide to open it in the slide preview.
Polls and SurveysAdd a link to the desired third-party polling or survey application. You can also copy the link or open the polling/survey link directly.
Slide Preview

The slide preview pane gives a closer look at a selected slide before you push it to the stream at the correct time in the presentation. Push the slide by clicking the [] button in the top right corner of the slide preview pane. There will be a short time delay before the corresponding slide is visible to users in the consumer module.

The slide preview shows the currently selected slide from the presentation. After pushing the slide, the preview automatically switches to the next slide of the presentation. You can at any time select another slide and thus individually determine the order.

Live stream previewThe player is located beneath the slide preview. Here, the live stream of the event as well as the currently released slide is visible.
ChatIf the chat feature has been activated for the webcast, you will see the chat history in the right window pane.
Q&AIf the Q&A feature has been activated for the webcast, you will see the requests of users in the right window pane. In contrast to the chat function, a direct interaction between users is not possible.