Add apps

You can add any web app that is embeddable in a web page in a Virtual Events room.

These kinds of apps can be created:

App typeDescription
Web appAny web page that can be embeddable in another web page. You will require the app name, app URL, and where required, the allow attribute for the embedded iframe.
Video playerEmbed video from any website, such as YouTube or Vimeo, or from a live stream. You need to provide the link to the video itself.
ImageAdd an image to your app
Contact cardsAdd a contact card to a room. Cards help participants identify and connect with brand representatives.
Event filesAdd files to your room. Where required, you can determine which file path is shown, enable Microsoft Office files to be previewed, or enable downloads.
Preview FileEnable files to be previewed
Networking circles (beta)Enables participants to join conversation circles and move between different discussions
Q&ARun a Q&A session in this room
Rich TextAdd and share rich text, including links, images, and formatting, to your room.

Look and Feel

You can select an existing room card layout, which previews the room displayed in the Rooms section of your event.

Choose a text-only room card, a card with a medium picture or large picture layout.

You can also enable the display of the room icon.

Video Call

Here, you can use a Zoom integration for the room.

In addition, you can also use Teams or Azure Communication Services.

Please note that this integration is not automatically available. Please contact us to enable it for your specific event.

Connect to a specific MS Teams meeting: Participants can join your Veertly event and be connected directly to your designated MS Teams meeting.

Use Azure Communication Services: Veertly's default 8x8/Jitsi system can be replaced with Azure Communication Services for video calls.



  • Video streams: Up to 4 participants can receive video streams.
  • Video call functionality: A maximum of 100 participants can use the video call functionality.
  • Recordings: Recordings of the video call are not currently available.
  • Screen sharing: Participants who are presenting their screens cannot view their own stream within the video call.
  • Device selection: Each time a participant connects to a call, they will be presented with a pre-join screen to select their devices.


If required, you might want your attendees to join a specific room.

You can customize the direct link to your room by editing the URL on the edit page of your room.

Limit room attendees

If you want to limit the number of people in a room, you can set the number of attendees allowed to enter in the advanced configuration.

By default, the number of attendees per room is capped at 42, but you can set a higher number if desired.