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The Security accordion menu provides video release settings, a timer for automatically moving the video to the trash, security policy settings, and group selection.

Video release - for more information about releasing a video, see the "Releasing a Video for Publishing" and/or the "Time-controlled Release" chapters.

Download release - use this toggle to allow the video to be downloaded from the player after it has been published.

Timer for deletion - for more information about timing a video to automatically move it to the trash, see the "Time-controlled Deletion" chapter.

Security Policy

Use the drop-down menu to set a security policy for this video. Security policies are usually defined by your administrator. They are configured in the administration area and are then available for selection here. They can include settings for token protection, referrer protection, IP range protection, and/or geo-blocking (depending on the features booked for your video manager). See the "Security Policy" chapter in the administration manual for more information about configuring the options that will be available here.

Security policies can be set globally for all videos in an account or specified for a single video if required.

If you set a video-specific security policy, this will take precedence over the globally defined security setting.


The option to select a group of owners will only appear if the "Ownership" feature is enabled for your account.

See the "Assigning a Video to a Group" chapter for more information.

Access Profile

The option to select an access profile will only appear if the "Ownership" feature is enabled for your account.

See the "Assigning an Access Profile to a Video" chapter for more information.