This article will describe how you can set up a Webcast livestream with OBS, an open source video recording and livestreaming software.

This article can also be applied to other recording or livestreaming applications.

Webcast Manager

Before you begin, ensure that your Webcast event has already been created. More information can be found in this article.

Open the Languages Tab in the Webcast Manager.

Navigate to the Language configuration section, which contains a number of different URLs.

Copy the Primary RTMP URL. This URL determines the streaming media source for OBS.


In OBS, open the Preferences tab and navigate to Stream.

In the field Server, paste the first part of the primary RTMP URL: rtmp://

In the field Stream Key, insert the ID of the Webcast. The ID is found in the second part of the RTMP URL.

Once you have entered both parts of the RTMP URL, press OK to save your changes.

To start streaming your event on OBS to your Webcast event, click on Start Streaming in the main screen: