To configure a webcast, follow the steps below.

  1. In the navigation panel, click "Webcast". In the editing area, you will see a list of all previously created webcasts.

  2. Click the [Create] button to open a form. 

You should only create a unique Webcast for each event. If you reuse an already created Webcast for a new event with an activated DVR, the DVR of the events will be corrupted and therefore not be usable.

  1. If defaults have been defined under the Theme, VideoManager and/or Streaming Server menu items, the appearance of the form will change, as these defaults are automatically applied to the new Webcast. At it's simplest, you need only enter an Event Name and save the configuration.

  2. Now perform the configuration for each status. described in the following chapters.

Fields marked  with "*" are required information and a selection must be made for each status (Pre-live, Live, and Post-live). Also note that the On Demand settings can be found in the Languages tab.