If no product is explicitly mentioned (e.g. REST API, Player Generator etc.), release notes refer to VideoManager Pro.

It is now possible to index a video and generate metadata and subtitles via API using artificial intelligence.

Indexing is accomplished in 2 requests:

  1. Retrieve the available languages using the new GET request.
  2. Index the video via the new POST request specifying which data to generate (subtitles, keywords, topics or labels). The data will be automatically added to the video.

Read the metadata using the usual metadata endpoint, specifying that you want to retrieve the AI metadata by using the corresponding query parameter.

Retrieve the AI subtitle via the usual subtitle GET request.

To generate additional subtitles:

  • Retrieve the list of available languages for subtitles via the new GET request. 
  • Generate the desired subtitle by calling the new POST request with the corresponding language.

    Please note that all generated subtitles are based on the initial, original language subtitle generated for the video. Any corrections made to the original language subtitle after it has been generated will not have an effect on the generation of subsequent subtitle languages.

To generate additional metadata, please use the new POST endpoint.

movingimage REST API: AI indexing

We've added a new Publication Date field to the Metadata accordion tab.

VideoManager Pro User Guide

New feature: Re-Upload to YouTube

We've added a re-upload video to YouTube feature to the SocialMedia accordion tab.

VideoManager Pro User Guide

Access to the movingimage Status page, where users can check for system status or maintenance announcements, is available from the Help menu.

VideoManager Pro User Guide

We've added a replace video functionality via FTP upload to allow the replacement of very large video files.

VideoManager Pro User Guide

We've removed the movingimage logo on the Share-URL page.

VideoManager Pro User Guide

We've added beta 'Replace video' functionality to the video list screen for some customers. If you don't see the option and would like to try it out, please contact support.

VideoManager Pro User Guide

Design Update: Thumbnails

It's now quicker and easier to create and manage video thumbnails.

VideoManager Pro User Guide

We have improved the behaviour of the player on mobile devices. From today on, videos will be played in your device native player supporting more features and stable playback.

You can now search for videos that are assigned to specific users. More information can be found in the user guide.

VideoManager Pro User Guide

We've improved the Video Formats accordion tab. It now displays a message while it waits for the video to finish uploading. Once the upload finishes and the transcoding process starts, it shows progress bars that let you monitor the process. More information can be found in the user guide.

VideoManager Pro User Guide

Subtitles are now scaled to fit the viewer's screen when using the Bitmovin player in fullscreen mode.

Player Generator User Guide

JavaScript API: Chapters

You can now use our JavaScript API to add, edit or delete chapters of a video.

movingimage JavaScript API Documentation

When attempting to delete a role, administrators can now see a list of which users and groups are still assigned to the role. 

VideoManager Pro Administration Guide

Administrators can now see a list of what groups users belong to, as well as their roles within each group, by accessing the User Management area.

VideoManager Pro Administration Guide